AutoCAD Drawings for Standard Models

Special Note: The stock CAD drawings shown here are the copyrighted property of Campbellsville Industries, Inc. and are for the sole use of architect's and designer's to incorporate into their elevations and specifications in specifying a Campbellsville steeple or cupola. Any unauthorized use of these drawings for any purpose other than this is expressly prohibited. The user agrees to these terms upon downloading these files. 

Instructions: You must have AutoCAD software to open these files. If you are not a Design Professional with this software, you may view our standard steeple designs by clicking this link. To download an AutoCAD file below, "right click" on the appropriate file and select "Save Target As" from the menu. Then save the selected file to a folder on your computer. If you need assistance, a budget estimate, wind loading, or anchor details--feel free to contact our manufacturer's representative for your area.

"S" Series Steeple Designs (Simple Spires):

S-100 S-112-0 Steeple Specifications .doc Steeple Specifications .pdf
S-105 S-130    
S-110 S-130-0    
S-110-0 S-140    
S-111 S-150    
S-112 S-150-0    

"M" Series Steeple Designs (Modern Designs):

M-205 M-415 Steeple Specifications .doc Steeple Specifications .pdf
M-210 M-450    
M-310 M-500    
M-315 M-510    
M-320 M-550    
M-410 M-570    

"C" Series Steeple Designs (Colonial Designs):

C-200 C-224 Steeple Specifications .doc Steeple Specifications .pdf
C-201 C-225    
C-202 C-230
C-204 CL-530
C-205 CL-530-0
C-220 C-450
C-222 C-465

Cupolas Designs:

RC-20 Residential CU-412 Cupola Specifications .doc Cupola Specifications .pdf
RC-30 Residential CU-415    
RC-35 Residential CU-418    
RC-40 Residential CU-420    
CU-115 CU-425    
CU-210 CU-430    
CU-220 CU-440    
CU-300 CU-501    
CU-301 CU-505    
CU-304 CU-508    
CU-308 CU-510    
CU-310 CU-515    
CU-315 CU-516    
CU-320 CU-518    
CU-322 CU-520    
CU-405 CU-710    
CU-406 CU-715    
CU-410 CU-720    


B-100 B-400 Balustrade Specifications .doc Balustrade Specifications .pdf
B-1500 B-500    
B-1600 B-600    
B-1700 B-700    
B-200 B-800    
B-300 B-900    


100-R 70-S Railing Specifications .doc Railing Specifications .pdf
150-S 80-S    
200-D 900    
300-H 90-S    
500 95-S    
550 990    


COR-101 COR-215 Cornice Specifications .doc Cornice Specifications .pdf
COR-110 COR-325    
COR-125 COR-328    
COR-128 COR-330    


D-345; D-357-6 D-742-8; D-753-4; D-764 Dormer Specification .doc
D-447-6; D-459 D-865; D-876; D-887 Dormer Specification .pdf
D-547-6; D-559 D-963-6; D-974; D-984-6  
D-647-6; D-659    


U-50 U-600 Urn Specification .doc Urn Specification .pdf
U-100 U-700    
U-200 U-800    
U-300 U-900    
U-400 U-1000    


WV-3 WV-8



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