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Downloadable .zip files are zipped with Winzip. You must have Winzip to unzip these files and AutoCAD to open and run files. You can download Winzip at this site: Please note that you must have AutoCAD software to view these designs. If you are a Pastor or lay person who does not have AutoCAD software, you may view our stock designs at:

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1. Click Here for Individual Stock CAD Drawings Of Our Steeples, Cupolas, Balustrades, and Cornices:

Individual Stock CAD Designs

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2. Click Below for Grouped Stock CAD Designs:  
See below for grouped CAD Designs:  
Stock "S" Series Steeple CAD Drawings (Simple Spires)

Stock "M" Series Steeple CAD Drawings (Modern Steeples)

Stock "C" Series Steeple CAD Drawings (Colonial Steeples)

Stock Cornice CAD Drawings

Stock Cupola CAD Drawings

Stock Balusters

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Stock "S" Series Steeple

50,579 KB

13,993 KB

Stock "M" Series Steeple

189,904 KB

37,536 KB

Stock "C" Series Steeple

351,667 KB

105,283 KB

Stock Cornice Profiles

52,970 KB

17,138 KB

Stock Cupolas

169,943 KB

54,903 KB

Stock Balusters

82,199 KB

26,481 KB


Special Note: The stock CAD drawings shown here are the copyrighted property of Campbellsville Industries, Inc. and are for the sole use of architect's and designer's to incorporate into their elevations and specifications in specifying a Campbellsville product. Any unauthorized use of these drawings for any purpose other than this is expressly prohibited. The user agrees to these terms upon downloading these files.


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