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1.01         SUMMARY

A.      Provide cross from selected sheet metal and structure, as specified herein, and as needed for a complete and proper installation.

B.       Coordinate cross work of this section with General Conditions and Supplementary Conditions.

1.02                         SUBMITTALS

A.      Submit shop drawings designed in accordance with local building code requirements. Upon approval, general contractor shall send to field or job-site superintendent copy of final approved shop drawing.

B.       Submit color samples of exterior covering.

C.       Submit close-out documents, warranties, and manuals.

1.03                         QUALITY ASSURANCE

A.      Use adequate number of skilled workmen who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the necessary crafts, and who are completely familiar with the specified requirements and the methods needed for proper performance of the work of this Section.

B.       Use materials which shall be free from defects impairing strength, durability, and appearance; shall be of best commercial quality for purpose required; and shall comply with approved drawings.

C.       Use manufacturer who has had ten (10) years of experience in the manufacture of specified product.

1.04                         WARRANTY

A.      Warrant the product for one year after date of delivery.


2.01                         MANUFACTURER

A.      Use cross as manufactured by Campbellsville Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 278, 440 Taylor Blvd., Campbellsville, KY 42718, Phone: 800/467-8135, Fax: 270/465-6839.

B.       Use cross design as shown on drawings.

C.       Use cross stock design no. ________________.

2.02                         MATERIALS

A.      Use alloy 6061-T5 for all aluminum extrusions.

B.       Use structural steel shapes according to ASTM specifications.

C.       Use metal sheet of appropriate thickness and alloy.

1. Aluminum sheet, allow 3003-H14, minimum thickness .032".

2. Copper sheet, 20 oz. Cold rolled.

3. Lead coated copper, C-11000. 15lbs. Lead per 100 square feet, both sides.

4. Microzinc sheet, minimum thickness .027".

2.03                         ACCESSORIES   

A.      Fabricate mounting brackets from structural aluminum or steel shapes for wall mount, flat base mount, or pitched roof mount.

B.       Provide lightning protection cable extending minimum 3’-0" below base of cross (except for wall mounted cross).

2.04                         FABRICATION

A.      Fabricate cross with skilled craftsmen in a skillful and workmanlike manner.

B.       Weld all joints of tubular crosses, with flat joints ground smooth, and corner joints shall be fillet welded unground.

C.       Solder all joints of crosses clad with copper, lead-coated copper, or microzinc.

D.      Predrill all holes in mounting brackets.

E.       Drill weepage holes at lowest point(s) of cross.

2.05                         FINISHES

A.      Clean and degrease cross and any accessories with caustic acid bath, before finishing.

B.       Prime cross to be painted with two heavy coats of primer, and finish with two heavy coats of industrial vinyl or enamel from manufacturer’s standard color selection.

C.       Protect cross clad with copper, lead-coated copper, or Altrista zinc from acids and fingerprints during fabrication, and leave natural.

D.      Prepare cross to be gold leaf with two heavy coats of primer, properly air-dried. Apply coating of slow-drying oil based size to primed surfaces. When size has dried to proper "tack", apply 23 karat gold leafing to the surface, and burnish to a high luster.


3.01                         PROJECT SITE CONDITIONS

A.      Verify that site conditions are suitable and accessible for delivery.

B.       Confirm that all preparatory work is in place in accordance with approved shop drawings before delivery.

3.02                         INSTALLATION

A.      Coordinate with other trades as required to assure proper and adequate installation.

B.       Clean all soiled and dirty areas and touch up any scratches or abrasions to finish before installation.

C.       Install work with skilled workmen who are familiar with such work in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and approved shop drawings.

3.03                         CLEAN-UP

A.      Clean up all debris caused by work of this section, keeping the premises clean and neat at all times.






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