The following excerpts are taken from letters we have received from some of our customers:

Cahill United Methodist Church / Alvarado, Texas

Dear John Young,
Yesterday, March 17th, Berry delivered and installed the steeple we ordered from your company. Cahill UMC is now the most beautiful church in the area ,thanks to you folks at Campbellsville Industries. It has been a journey to this point and you have been patient in leading us to the end of that journey. Berry is a wonder and was a joy to work with. What a blessing he is.
The family who donated the steeple ,in honor of their wife and mother, couldn't be more pleased with the results. As a matter of fact ,the husband can see the steeple ,from his home which is about two miles away, both in daylight and at night. We have lights on the steeple and it is beautiful.
On behalf of the donors ,and the congregation at Cahill, may we say thank you to all who were involved in the making, delivering and the instillation of this beautiful steeple.
I am sending a picture I took on the evening of March 17th . Please forward to all involved in this project. Thank you.

-- Respectfully,

Terri Wright
Cahill United Methodist Church

First Presbyterian Church / Marietta, GA

Dear Mr. Sapp:

Re: Delivery and installation of steeple for First Presbyterian Church (FPC) of Marietta, Georgia

I want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude toward your company for the quality of the product we received and professionalism of the installers that delivered our new steeple that you manufactured. Timmy Milby & Jimmy Burton are to be commended for their dedication to ensuring your company is well represented. They worked through weather conditions that were much less than perfect and completed on time and, most important, without incident. Our new steeple has been well received by the congregation along with the entire Marietta community.

If references are ever needed by your company rest assure that we hear at FPC would gladly acknowledge the on time, on budget, and good customer relations that you have provided us. Thank you again.


Howard Swinford

Sanctuary Restoration Project Manager
First Presbyterian Church of Marietta, GA

Howard J. Swinford
Choice Property Management Services, LLC
3532 West Hampton Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30064
Ph.# 404-276-4840

Jefferson County Courthouse / Madison, IN

Dear Mr. England - We wish to thank you and your crew from Campbellsville Industries, Inc., on the great job performed on our Courthouse. 

We are extremely lucky to have contracted with your company to complete our Dome/Cupola project after our devastating fire.  Your entire crew was professional and pleasant.  They obviously took great pride in their work, and it showed in so many ways.

The people of Jefferson County have stiff necks today from looking up!  It is a beautiful site to see!

I watched the process and was pleased at how quickly and efficiently the job was completed.  I know that hours of painstaking work went in to the preparation.  We so appreciate it.

Please thank Barry, Doug, Adam and the rest of the crew that came to Madison.  Please also thank the other company members who participated in this project.  I saw Barry on a Louisville TV station being interviewed about the project - and he did great!

On a side note, I took Grant County Commissioner Mark Bradsbury, through the Courthouse last Saturday.  He was able to inspect the Dome/Cupola for an upcoming project in Marian, Indiana.  Their Dome blew off in a windstorm in 1943, and they would like to replace it.  We recommended your company  to them and you may be hearing from them.

Thank you again on behalf of the people of Jefferson County, Indiana.


Julie Berry
Jefferson County Commissioner

Daysboro Church of Christ / Daysboro, KY


I just wanted to let you know how pleased our congregation members are with our new steeple. It looks great and everyone is very pleased. Also I want you to let the men who installed it know that we were pleased with their work. They really seemed to know their business and they made what seemed to be a very large job seem so easy. Everything about the installation seemed to go smooth.

Thank you all very much.

Greg Chaney

Hamilton County Courthouse / Hamilton, Texas

I just wanted to send a quick message commending Barry and his crew for the professionalism and competency in the erection and installation of the cupola at the Hamilton County Courthouse.   They conducted themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times.  They kept the site picked up and was vigilant when it came to safety.  I would welcome them back on any future project that I might be a part of.

Charlie Wilson, RAS, GA, CSI, CDT
Construction Administrator
Komatsu Architecture
3880 Hulen Street, Suite 300
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Integra Shores / Daytona Beach, FL

Campbellsville Industries
440 Taylor Blvd.
Campbellsville, KY 42719

Daytona Shores at Daytona Beach

Dear Tom May:

On behalf of LandSouth Construction, I am pleased to present you with the attached Certificate of Excellence in recognition of your company’s contribution in the successful completion of Integra Shores at Daytona Beach. We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts in making this project a success. LandSouth wants you to know that your responsiveness and attention to detail does not go unnoticed. We are a service-oriented company and work very hard to see that our Owner’s expectations are consistently exceeded. Partnering with companies such as yours is how we continue to stay busy in this competitive marketplace.

I want to personally thank you for the outstanding work you did at the Integra Shores project. Cupolas are something that I have not had the opportunity to deal with, but you guys made the entire process as painless as possible. Your entire team, from sales, to engineering/construction, to the installation crew did a phenomenal job on this project. Thanks again for all the hard work and hopefully we get to work together on another project in the near future.

We look forward to working together again in the future and will continue to send you bid invitations for upcoming projects. Please stay in touch with us and continue to visit our website for information on work that is in the pipeline. We are excited to continue our successful relationship and wish the very best for your business and all your employees.

Thank you again for your outstanding service!



Jason Cromer
Project Manager

Pilgrim Church / Sherborn, MA

Great message, Jim!
It was very much deserved as the two (2) guys today from Campbellsville were terrific!
The skill of the crane operator from O. B. Hill was also absolutely awesome!


From: Jim Campbell
To: David England; Burr Hearon - Campbellsville
Cc: Reinhart, Frederick; George Wakeman (work); John Wathne; Dan Marple; Rev. John Hudson
Subject: Thank you

David and Burr,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased Dan and I are with the work done by Campbellsville's Troy Jenkins and his helper today at Pilgrim Church in managing the temporary removal of our spire. They were prompt, friendly, very professional and very helpful. The new galvanized bracket fit perfectly. After the spire was resting horizontally, Troy spent some extra time carefully extracting our weather vane mount which appeared to be frozen in place.
We intend to send a more formal thank you letter to Campbellsville when the project is completed this summer. However, in the meantime if you need a reference for another church spire project, please mention Pilgrim Church as a satisfied customer that they are welcome to contact as a reference.
Jim Campbell and Dan Marple

Lyonsville Congregational Church / Indian Head Park, IL

"Thank you for a wonderful job. The steeple is beautiful!" - Mary Ellis on behalf of Lyonsville

St. Augustine's Catholic Church / Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Jim O’Brien
O’Brien and Keane
3240 Wilson Boulevard, Suite
Arlington, VA 22201

Re: St. Augustine's Church

Dear Mr. O’Brien:

I am delighted to be able to be a reference for Campbellsville Industries.  

When we were hired to be the restoration architects for St. Augustine’s Church, whose steeple had blown off in a storm, our extensive research led us to Campbellsville Industries to fabricate the new structure.  They were selected because they were one of the only fabricators who could handle a steeple of that scale and complexity.  They were able to provide the results we required using custom, standard and salvaged elements; by providing soup-to-nuts services that included the design and erection of the interior steel skeleton, the delivery of the fabricated parts, the on-site assembly of the parts and the hoisting of the sections into place; and by working closely with us to meet a budget imposed by the insurance settlement.

They made an in-person presentation to the Philadelphia Historical Commission, who was initially skeptical of a historically accurate all-aluminum steeple, and convinced them that they would be pleased with the results.  In fact, I’m happy to say, we were awarded the Award of Excellence by the Preservation Alliance of Philadelphia.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with Campbellsville again.  It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


 Michael Hauptman, AIA

Brawer & Hauptman, Architects

Baltimore Orioles Camden Station / Baltimore, Maryland

Campbellsville Industries:
Happy New Year.   It is good to hear your company is doing well.  I am very glad to share a few thoughts as a recommendation about your company.  We were pleased to  work with Campbellsville Industries on the Camden Station restoration project here in Baltimore back when the ball park opened.
Campbellsville Industries was our savior in dealing with a structure that had not existed since it had to be dismantled around the Civil War era.  The original structure was only up a couple of years and had to be dismantled down to the lowest tier due to structural deficiencies.  We had redesign the replacement towers and total restoration from the only surviving 5" x 5" photo of the original 1865 building. Heaped on that was the schedule to redesign and construct the total exterior building reconstruction and restoration in less than 11 months to meet opening day.
Campbellsville Industries took our design and structural details and  tuned them to a more efficient structure. They had excellent recommendations from lessons they learned over many years of dealing with similar structures.  Their lighter, internal truss design helped to simplify the construction and erection process dramatically.  The shop drawings were very clear and thorough.  They were willing to make changes we suggested and work with us on variations that were for the betterment of the project.
The project came in three huge pieces and were set on the street and flown up in two days.  It was an actual news worthy event that day and was very exciting.  I would highly recommend Campbellsville Industries for any vertical towers or structures using state of the art materials and will call them again when we have a repeat project.
Sincerely yours,
George Holback
Cho Benn Holback + Associates

Private Residence / Melissa, Texas

Hi, John -

Yes, we are very pleased with the product and the work done by Metal Systems!!  And the color seems to match perfectly - even better than the cement product.  I was kinda worried about the color, just looking at sample swatches, but it is great.  We probably would be happy to allow the use of the photos, but I want to see them before saying yes.  I have told others about the product!!  I hope this will last the lifetime of the house!!  It is the 3rd balustrade to be installed.  The house was built in 1992, so you can see it has been a problem.  Hopefully all that is in the past now that we are using aluminum!!

It has been a long time since I first talked to you about all this.  But it is worth the wait to have it finally resolved! Good to hear from you.



Five Mile Community Church in Vancleve, KY

Thanks for your card.  I appreciate it.  We had the steeple up for our Easter service.  That helped make our service extra special.  We showed a video of the steeple installation and then had a dedication.  We are using the speakers although we don't have a carillon unit.  We are playing bells before and after the services.  It has been well received by the community and the church.  This steeple is a great addition to the church and I am thankful for the way Campbellsville Industries worked with us. 

Tom Lorimer, Pastor
Five Mile Community Church

Zion United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN

Dear Sirs:

Thank you for the beautiful steeple you built on our church last week. It is so appropriate. Some steeples are too small while others are too large. Ours is just right. You built it for Zion.....I wrote some lines which I thought you might enjoy which I have enclosed.

"To the glory of God we have added a steeple
That helps us build faith in all of the people
And create a love for those in or out
When it stirs every mind of what God's all about.

Our steeple points up to the sky
To tell each one who passes by
That God in Heaven up above
Sends down to everyone His love.

You can become part of His church
When you accept Him; it's your birth
Into His kingdom, you'll abide
Forever with the saints inside."

Thank you again for your courtesies. Cordially yours,

George W. Armbrister, Pastor

Adriel Baptist Church in Bean Station, TN

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the church steeple. It has been a blessing working with you. Your work will come highly recommended. May God Bless you in 2004.

Ted M. Lynch, Steeple Committee

West Baden Springs Hotel in West Baden, IN.


Enclosed is the copy of my video tape of the tower lifts. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this to you, but the original was being used by the people in the Indiana University public television station for inclusion in the documentary of the project. I will get you a copy.

Please extend my thanks and respect to the people of Campbellsville Industries who did such a wonderful job on the "crown jewel" of this magnificent building. Your craftsmanship can be seen for miles in the Springs Valley, and the skillful (and brave) work required to set these towers is recorded on this tape. At the end of the day, we decided that, on the ground, it looked quite easy, but, on the roof, the real skill, courage and determination of the men who set the towers could be seen. Those gentlemen deserve all of the accolades for the project.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Wilbur Cox and Martin Gribbins, whose dedication to perfection and skill in the myriad details of this project were priceless.

Best regards,

Gregory L. Blum, P.E.

Cook Incorporated.

First Free Methodist Church in Manhattan, Kansas

Dear Mr. Bennett:

Let me apologize for bypassing Pat Helm and for delay in returning your customer survey, but I felt that it did not adequately allow me the chance to express just how much I enjoyed working with your entire staff and I wanted to write you directly concerning them. When we first began searching for a steeple to add to our church I contacted 6 or 7 different steeple dealers. Your salesman, Dave Dernier, was the only one who made me feel like he wanted to sell us not only a steeple but also the right one for the situation. He answered all my questions, promptly sent any material requested, and in general was always available when I needed help.

We certainly appreciated the support and quick response of Hasan El-amouri and your Design and Engineering Department for the platform drawing and their help in resolving some last minute questions with the city, and a local structural engineer. Because of these last minute questions it became necessary to reschedule our installation date at almost the last minute but Donna Grammer was most understanding and worked with us to reschedule.

The steeple arrived in excellent condition, looks wonderful on the church  and appears to be an excellent product. Jimmy and Tim, the installers were great, in fact EXCELLENT on your rating scale does not do justice to them. They were a pleasure to work with and you can be proud to have them in the field representing your company.

I realize that we did not buy your biggest or most expensive steeple but every one of your people with whom I came in contact treated us like we were. I thank you and your people for a wonderful experience. You should take great pride in each of them, as well as your product.


Bruce Ramundo, First Free Methodist Church of Manhattan

Holly Springs Town Hall in Holly Springs, N.C.


I wanted to thank you and your company for a great job in meeting our schedule for the Holly Springs Town Hall. The cupola installation went perfect and it looks great. I'm glad I held out for the Campbellsvillle cupola.

Gregory Jonczyk, Project Manager  
Duke Construction Company  

Faith Assembly of God in Smiths Grove, Kentucky

Dear Dave:

We, the members, are thrilled with the difference. No longer does it look like a factory sitting back off the road. It is amazing how folks would drive past the church sign at the entrance and still never make the connection that the building was a church. Ah well, go figure!

Thank you for your beautiful work and especially thank your for the fantastic attitude of the young men you sent to install our new steeple. We are well pleased. The Psalmist said: "Thou hast put gladness in my heart" Psalms 4:7

Your work has put gladness in all of our hearts, we thank you. God bless you.

Most sincerely in Christ Jesus,

Lee and Patricia Summers, for Faith Assembly of God

First Presbyterian Church in Asheboro, North Carolina

Dear Mr. Gribbins:

Your beautiful steeple and cross were erected over our church last Thursday and the entire congregation is proud to have it back in place. The empty space over out sanctuary has been an eyesore since the windstorm of February 22. Thanks for all of the diligent work done by your people on our behalf.

Ronnie Russell and Bobby Beard did an outstanding job in erecting the steeple. They were efficient and careful–and fearless! I enjoyed working with them.

Robert R. Walker, Elder

First Baptist Church in Pine Grove, WV


I wanted to personally thank you for your help in the purchase of our new steeple at First Baptist Church in Pine Grove, West Virginia. It looks GREAT on the building and makes it really stand out in the community. We have had a lot of wonderful comments since it's installation. Your installer was very professional and certainly knew what he was doing and the steeple was installed in a very short time.

I have recommended you company to an acquaintance who is on the building committee for a new church building in _______. I wondered if you might send her some information on your steeples? Her address is...


Leary W. Vanhorn, Pastor

First Baptist Church in Englewood, FL

Dear David:

I want to thank everyone in your organization who had a part in the design and production of our new steeple.

Everybody we had contact with were helpful and understanding of our needs, particularly the need to convey information by phone. I would especially like to congratulate you on your choice of the one representative of your company we did have personal contact with, Mark Sapp.

You could not have selected a more professional, and personable employee to represent your company. He made the installation a pleasant experience for all involved, and his manner put everyone at ease concerning our once in a lifetime experience.

The congregation is very pleased with the results, and are thankful for your addition to our physical and spiritual presence in the community of Englewood.

Sincere thanks,

Jerry Kurtz

Elizabethtown College Chapel in Elizabethtown, PA

Dear Roger:

We always let folks know when they are not doing an adequate job and too often we don't let folks know when they are doing a good job. This letter is to notify you that your firm performed in an exemplary manner and delivered a quality product and service. Although your firm is obviously fairly large and producing many steeples you never let us get lost in the shuffle or delayed with our ever changing request from the Owner. Starting with Hasan in Engineering and our unusual request for you to design the steel for the 17' section under the steeple, each of your representatives responded quickly and cordially to our needs. The installation of the steeple went very quick and the product looks great. Please accept our thanks for a job well done. I hope that you will copy this letter to the other members of your team including Wilbur Cox, whom we badgered fairly well with the finial changes.


Don Reilly, Project Manager        Richard D. Pool, Inc.        York, PA.

Mulroy Residence in Kenilworth, IL

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are absolutely delighted and overjoyed with the cupola you built for our residence in Kenilworth, IL. Your workmanship and reliability are second to none. However, it is you courtesy and excellent service which we appreciated the most.


Thomas R. Mulroy, Jr., Attorney        Law Offices of Jenner and Block        Chicago, IL.

North Jackson Baptist Church in Jackson, TN.

Dear David:

In behalf of the North Jackson Baptist Church, I would like to express our thanks to you and to Campbellsville Industries in the manufacturing and erection of our steeple.

We believed it would be beautiful and a pleasant addition to our building, but it is really beyond our expectations. Everything about it seems to be just perfect. Our people are thrilled with its beauty.

Please pass a word on to Martin and Clayton concerning the erection of the steeple. They were friendly, courteous and did an excellent job. We want to comment them for their good work.

Thank you for your patience with us and I wish you a pleasant and enjoyable life always.

Appreciatively yours,

Norman Culpepper, Pastor       

Kent School in Kent, CT.

Dear Joe:

I would like to take a moment to thank you and everyone at Campbellsville Industries who worked on the Kent Dining Hall project.

This job was especially noteworthy because of its intense schedule form June through August when the kitchen and dining areas were completely demolished and rebuilt.

I am proud to have had your firm as part of our team. Without your cooporation and capability this acheivement could not ahve bee realized.

Speaking for everyone at Enterprise Builders, thank you fro your efforts which contributed to the sccess fo this project and a satisfied client!

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Paul L. Berg, Chief Executive Officer        Enterprise Builders        Avon, CT.

High Point Church in Madison, WS.

Dear John and Tradespeople:

We have just completed our first month or services in the new "High Point Church". We are thankful for the role you played in the construction of this facility. Your skill and commitment are evident in the quality of Construction. On behalf of High Point Church and its pastoral staff, I extend to you our gratitude an appreciation for a job well done.

Building Together for His Glory,

David A. Solfelt, Chairman of the Board of Deacons

Memorial Baptist Church in Houston, TX.

 Dear Mr. England:

Thank you for your letter, and we are indeed happy  with the way our steeple and cornice look on our New Worship Center. I spoke with Mr. Kelly Gaffney, Architect, and asked him to supply you with any pictures that have been taken and are now available.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.


Dr. B. Leroy Patterson, Pastor

Midway Presbyterian Church / Midway, KY.

Dear Brenda:

 received your card and wanted to thank  you for the wonderful job. The minister was very pleased with their choice to replace the finials.

After we completed the repairs but before they were replaced, the minister stated that it would have been fine to complete the project without reinstalling them. She didn't think that after seeing the new ones in place! Great job.


Emanuel Gilpin II, Gilpin Masonry of Lexington, KY.



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