Bell shells are spun from aluminum, and designed in profile to simulate the look of an actual bronze bell. Bell shells are used in free-standing bell towers and open belfries, and are often used to complement the electronic carillon which produces the bell sound. Larger bell shells can even house a radial speaker.

A Campbellsville bell shell is fabricated in aluminum throughout and are more durable to exterior weather conditions than the plastic bell shells that are sometimes seen on the market. The bell shells are finished with a durable exterior industrial bronze enamel finish or can be finished in a custom color to meet a decorative color scheme. We can also provide the bell shell in a patina green enamel finish to simulate the look of aged bronze.

Anchoring can be directly to the Bell Shell, or an optional anchoring collar may be purchased to extend the bell shell away from the anchor plate. An aluminum anchor plate is proved for attachment to existing structure. All holes are predrilled in the Aluminum anchor plate for an easy installation.

There are five (5) popular sizes of Bell Shells available, plus we can furnish special sizes.

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