Carillon bells

"Let Freedom Ring!"

  • Standard 200 watt RMF amplifier.
  • Optional 250, 500, or 1,000 watt upgrade.
  • Digital LED clock with battery backup.
  • Energy compliant.
  • Digital microprocessor control circuitry.
  • State-of-the-art DSP technology.
  • No cassette to wear out or break.
  • No CD's to scratch.
  • 12 bell permanent bell functions stored in ROM.
  • Interchangeable music disks.
  • 16 bit sampling of actual bronze bells.
  • Compact 15" wide x 14" deep x 10" high contemporary design.
  • No tape flutter or hiss--digitally clear with actual bell resonance.
  • 120 household current.
  • User friendly and easy to program up to 70 programs.
  • Extensive library of available songs and hymns.
  • Tolling bells, pealing bells, Westminster Hour strike.
  • Inside and Outside speaker capability.
  • Keyboard option for instrumental chimes by organist or
Carillon bells
The Liberty is a fully expandable, modular multi-function carillon. It is easily programmed and its digital microprocessor control circuitry means crystal clear bells tones. The carillon can be played via one of our two versatile functions:

A. Permanently stored memory (ROM)
The Liberty uses state-of-the-art digital audio encoding of real cast bronze bells This digital information is stored in permanent memory (ROM) and is retrieved upon program request. This technique enables the carillon to replay the bell sound indefinitely without degradation of original recording. The carillon is actually an instrument of cast bronze bells sounds that can be played with the preset bell arrangements. The following bell rings and time-strikes are permanently stored:

1.  1,000 pound swinging bell
 2.  2,000 pound swinging bell
 3.  3,000 pound swinging bell
 4.  6,000 pound swinging bell
 5.  Two bells pealing
 6.  Three bells pealing
 7.  Four bells pealing
 8.  3,000 pound tolling bell
 9.  6,000 pound tolling bell
10. 4/2 Angelus, 6,000 pound bell tolling and 2,000 bell swinging
11. 4/4 Angelus, 6,000 pound bell tolling and 6,000 bell swinging
12. Westminster time strike

B. Interchangeable magnetically encoded music disks.

An unlimited selection of sacred music is available, either from stock or custom recording in our private studio (school fight song!), and played via digitally encoded interchangeable music cards. This unit includes three free music/hymn cards selected from our hymn catalog, with other selections available at additional cost from our extensive music catalog (included). Sacred, seasonal, and patriotic selections are available, as well as custom recording of your personal favorites.

Contact Campbellsville Industries for pricing and more information on how to order to fit your needs. Great for churches, courthouses, schools, colleges, funeral homes, and city halls. The Liberty carillon can be pre-programmed to play automatically, or you may chose to manually play the instrument.


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