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Campbellsville Bulletin Boards and Church Signs
Church signs are manufactured to provide years of service. The sign cabinet has a framework fabricated from heavy aluminum extrusions--not steel metal that will rust like many signs systems from other companies. The aluminum is finished in a rich bronze or satin finish. The church name is available in a variety of letter styles and colors. The sturdy, double-locked doors, that protect the letters and the interior of the sign, are held open by spring actuated prop arms. The bulletin board cabinet door is hinged at the top for protection from inclement weather when changing the message on the sign. Bulletin boards come with an aluminum copy board or back-lit track lettering. The doors are glazed with 3/16" Acrylic or Lexan. The "D" beside the model number designates a double-faced model. Single-faced models are 5" deep and double-faced models are 5" deep.

Church Signs and bulletin boards that are shown with erecting posts, have the posts priced separately. Signs are available in satin aluminum, white, or bronze finishes Contact your local representative for pricing, or call Campbellsville at 800-467-8135.

Check out our church sign and bulletin board brochure below:


Cover G165 S500 G180
270D, 365 G160 Traditional Series Components

The above pages may be viewed as .PDF files by clicking on the following:

Cover, G165, S500, G180, 270D, 365, G160, Traditional Series, Components



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