Dormers by Campbellsville Industries are fabricated to the finest architectural details and proportions. We offer unlimited possibilities in both design and fabrication. The structural aluminum framing of our dormers provides a lightweight, yet rigidly constructed unit. Functional dormers can be provided for interior finishing by others.

You may chose a standard dormer design or Campbellsville specializes in custom designing and fabrication of pre-fabricated dormers. Simply send us your schematics or preliminary designs for prompt pricing via e-mail, or fax them to us at: 270-465-6839. Please provide us your roof slope when requesting pricing. This determines the length of the dormer.

Dormers are fabricated from a structural aluminum framework alloy 6061-T6, and can be covered in your choice of .032" aluminum with a stock Kynar finish (or non-stock Kynar), copper, zinc, or lead-coated copper. Complete shop drawings and anchor details are provided for your use in preparing the roof and installation, designed to your roof conditions. Dormer roof material can be any of these materials or come with exterior grade plywood and ice and water shield ready for your roofers application of other roofing (asphalt shingles, fiberglass, slate, tile, etc.).

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