Standard and Custom Louvers

Campbellsville Industries has louvers to meet your architectural requirements. Our standard aluminum louvers are fabricated with fixed blades, and have an aluminum insect screen backing. Louvers can be surface mounted or flush mounting collar is optional.



 styles are shown above and are formed from .032" aluminum with your choice of any of our stock baked-on Kynar finishes. Campbellsville Industries can also fabricate special louver designs, from a variety of metals: copper, lead-coated copper, stainless steel, terne coated stainless steel, etc. A complete set of louver shop drawings and anchoring details are provided for your approval after receipt of your order.

Contact our estimating department for a prompt quotation. Please include the louver type, dimension required, and type of metal and finish requirements. Choose Campbellsville Industries louvers for your next project.

Louver Shapes and Designs 

Campbellsville Industries classifies our standard aluminum louvers into eight traditional louver configurations, and list them by their type as designated in the chart shown at right. These louver shapes comprise the majority of shapes that will be seen on most louver projects. Louver shapes falling outside these types could be considered a custom shape.


Examples of Campbellsville Industries Custom Louvers 


Louver vents

Architectural louvers


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