Campbellsville Industries offer a FREE Design Service to churches planning a new steeple. Simple forward us a photograph of your church along with dimensions of the width of the church, and we will provide a scaled computer generate architectural rendering of the church, showing suitable steeple designs. This is a free design service, and will not obligate the church in any way whatsoever. Should the church select one of our designs and decide to purchase, one of our trained manufacturer's representative's can come to the church, and do a personal inspection of your roof structure and facilities.

The church will receive a preliminary color rendering similar to that which is shown on the right. There will usually be three different steeple designs, that our steeple designer's think would look aesthetically appropriate for your type and size of church. The steeples are drawn to scale so that the church members get an accurate idea of how the steeple will look--before you purchase! This takes much of the guesswork out of your steeple planning.

The renderings also are good fund raising tools, in that many pastors or steeple committees will use the selected designs to promote the steeple project among the church members. The preliminary renderings can be passed around, or placed on a bulletin board to raise interest in the project. Donations in the form of funds designated in "honor of" or in "memorial to" loved ones are sometimes generated by these renderings.

Campbellsville Industries offers a full range of stock steeple and cupola designs, that are taken from traditional period architecture, and blend with most church buildings. Stock steeple designs offer some savings to the church, as the steeple shop drawings and anchoring details are stored on our computer CAD system which eliminates cost in design and drafting. We also provide custom reproductions of existing church steeples and have many steeples on the National Historic Register. You can view our stock steeple designs directly form your browser.

If you are wanting to reproduce an existing steeple or cupola, we need photocopies of the old steeple elevations on the original blueprints, if available. We also can use photographs and dimensions of the existing unit to prepare a cost estimate. If the unit has been removed and destroyed, any photographs of the previous unit on the church, along with dimensions of the church, can be used to establish a scale and determine the original size of the steeple or cupola.

For pricing, simply telephone your local representative. If you have a custom design, you may mail us, or fax the information to:

Campbellsville Industries, Inc. 
440 Taylor Blvd.
Campbellsville, Ky. - 42718
Phone: 800-467-8135
Fax: 270-465-6839