Steeple and Cupola Cvilleindustries
Steeple, Cupola and Balustrade - Campbellsville Industries pioneered the prefabricated church steeple and cupola and thus rightly earned the nickname "The Steeple People".

Steeple and Steeples Cvilleindustries
Steeple, Steeples and Aluminum steeple - A full-service company which can offer design help for the design profession or a free-design service for the local church.

Cupola and Cupolas Cvilleindustries
Cupola, Cupolas and Roof cupola - We can provide cupola cost estimates, anchor details, wind load calculations, engineering, specifications, formal quotations, delivery, and installation with our trained crews.

Balustrade and Balustrades Cvilleindustries
Balustrade and Balustrades - Custom balustrade and railing systems can easily be fabricated and are oftent duplicated historic balustrade systems.

Baptistry and Baptistries Cvilleindustries
Baptistry, Baptistries and Fiberglass baptistries - Campbellsville Industries can provide your church with a one-piece, molded fiberglass baptistry, in a wide range of baptistry models and sizes to help you utilize your available space effectively.

Railing and Aluminum railing Cvilleindustries
Railing, Aluminum railing and Stair railing - Campbellsville aluminum railing systems provide lifetime service and durability.

Church signs and Church marquee signs Cvilleindustries
Church signs, Church marquee signs and Church outdoor sign - Campbellsville Bulletin Boards and Church Signs are manufactured to provide years of service.

Carillon and Carillon bells Cvilleindustries
Carillon, Carillon bells and Electronic carillon - The Liberty uses state-of-the-art digital audio encoding of real cast bronze bells.

Church crosses and Exterior church crosses Cvilleindustries
Church crosses and Exterior church crosses - Campbellsville Industries provides crosses for churches, schools, colleges, universities, and residential applications.

Street clock and Street clocks Cvilleindustries
Street clock, Street clocks and Street clocks for sale - Campbellsville clocks give that special service to communities throughout the country, whether in towers, at street corners, or on buildings.

Cornices and Metal cornices Cvilleindustries
Cornices, Metal cornices and Cornice - An endless variety of shapes, designs, and ornaments are combined to create graceful custom cornice systems from Campbellsville Industries.

Gold leaf and Gold leaf cross Cvilleindustries
Gold leaf and Gold leaf cross - Gold Leaf is the traditional finish for crosses, weathervanes, domes, steeples, statuary, and finials.

Dormers and Roof dormers Cvilleindustries
Dormers, Roof dormers and Dormer - Dormers by Campbellsville Industries are fabricated to the finest architectural details and proportions.

Finials and Finial Cvilleindustries
Finials, Finial and Roof finial - Campbellsville Industries finials are crafted to the highest quality and workmanship.

Weathervane and Copper weathervane Cvilleindustries
Weathervane, Copper weathervane and Custom weathervane - Campbellsville Industries has stock aluminum weathervanes that are moderately priced, and are hand cast from aluminum to exacting details.

Louver and Louvers Cvilleindustries
Louver, Louvers and Custom window louvers - Campbellsville Industries has louvers to meet your architectural requirements.

Clock tower and Exterior clock Cvilleindustries
Clock tower, Exterior clock and Tower clock - Clock tower construction by Campsbellsville Industries including combination installations for your clock tower projects.

Chime and Church chimes Cvilleindustries
Chime, Church chimes and Clock chime - Chime selection of sacred music available by a fully automated electronic carillon.


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