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Campbellsville clocks give that special service to communities throughout the country, whether in towers, at street corners, or on buildings.  From one to four dials can be driven from central motor or separate motors—all synchronously driven.  Remote controls with fast reset let you keep correct time.

Translucent or aluminum dials, choice of numerals, variety of style—all from Campbellsville.  Complete construction details and wiring diagrams provided by our technicians.

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Street Clocks
Campbellsville street clocks give unique identity to cityscapes, parks, and streets.  We can create unique and authentic designs for every application, or reproduce a historic clock and housing for those discriminating applications.  A wide variety of popular designs are also available.  CamStreet clock projectspbellsville artisans apply their skills in casting, fabricating, spinning, and forming to obtain handsomely crafted units.  Creations from our design department are available to assist in selecting just the right design and size.  A wide range of metals (copper, aluminum, lead coated copper, micro zinc, stainless steel, etc.) multiply the possibilities.

Canister Clocks
Campbellsville canister clocks are self-contained units, all wrapped with aluminum sheet over a structural aluminum frame.  Illumination of dials is available, and the illumination system is also encased.  An aluminum mounting ring allows for easy installation.  Canister clocks are best suited for recessed or surface mounted installations.
Complete Systems
A Campbellsville clock system often combines ideally with a Campbellsville steeple, cupola, or tower.  Combination installations are more economical, and avoid installation coordination problems.

Dials and Hands
Campbellsville offers are large selection of dial and hand designs from traditional to contemporary and custom designs.

Clock Setting Controls
Remote reset controls are available for all clock movements.  The clock is wired to a reset control panel which is in as easily accessible location.  The control provides remote setting of clock hands by either stopping clock or advancing the hands at a 10:1 ratio.  Wiring diagrams and shop drawings will be provided upon request.



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